Nagpur Cop Pays Fine For Auto Driver Who Brought Cash From Son’s Piggy Bank

A senior police inspector in Nagpur paid an auto driver’s challan after getting to know that he had brought money from his child’s piggy bank to free his vehicle. Nagpur City Police wrote on Twitter that senior police inspector Ajay Malviya was moved when he saw the auto driver using his son’s savings to pay a fine of ₹ 2,000 and decided to pay the amount out of his own pocket.
The auto driver – identified by Times of India as Rohit Khadse – had reportedly parked his vehicle in a no-parking zone on August 8, for which he was issued a challan of ₹ 200. He also had earlier unpaid fines for which the total amounted to ₹ 2,000. As he could not pay the fine, Mr Khadse’s autorickshaw was seized by the police.

For the auto driver, his vehicle was the only means of earning a living. Staring at a loss of income and unable to pay the fine himself, he brought coins from his son’s piggy bank to the police – however, the police refused to accept the coins, local media reported.

A teary-eyed Mr Khadse then approached senior inspector Ajay Malviya, requesting that his autorickshaw be returned to him. Noticing the plastic bag of coins in his hand, the cop asked him what the trouble was. Upon getting to know about the auto driver’s financial situation, Mr Malviya returned the boy’s money and paid the fine himself.

A picture shared by Nagpur Police on Twitter Friday shows the cop with the Khadse family.

Mr Malviya’s act of kindness has earned much praise on the microblogging platform.

“A commendable job by Malviya sir,” wrote one Twitter user.