This Girl’s Gymnastics Routine Impressed Nadia Comaneci, Virender Sehwag

If a five-time Olympic gold medallist finds something to praise in a young girl’s gymnastics routine, you can be sure it’s worth a watch. Nadia Comaneci took to Twitter on Sunday to retweet a video of a girl performing jaw-dropping stunts at what appears to be a gymnastic training centre. Dressed in a red shirt and sweatpants, the girl displays impressive flexibility as she twists, turns and performs one stunt after the other. Her classmates were seen watching her routine in the video which has gone viral on Twitter with over 4.7 million views.

Retired Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci retweeted the viral video on Sunday, praising the performance and the girl’s talent.

“Wow. Such talent.. composure.. flexibility,” she wrote – high praise indeed, especially coming from the first gymnast ever to be awarded a perfect 10 at the Olympics.

Former cricketer Virender Sehwag also shared a clip of the performance on Twitter this morning. “Humans can do all things if they will,” he wrote while posting the clip.

Footage of the girl’s performance has gone massively viral on the microblogging platform, where many showered praise on the girl.

“Not only incredible flexibility, but also the discipline and focus at that age… Amazing!” wrote one Twitter user.

But while many praised the young gymnast, others expressed concerns about the amount of training that would have made such flexibility possible.

In 2019, a shout-out from Nadia Comaneci catapulted two schoolchildren from Kolkata, who were seen doing cartwheels and flips in a video, to viral Internet fame, eventually earning them government support. Her tweet applauding the children eventually led the two being promised gymnastics scholarships by the Sports Authority of India.