It’s A Bad Idea To Climb The Shower, This Cat Learned The Hard Way

You may not like cats but you also cannot help but admit that they have to be one of the most graceful animals to walk the Earth. And, while they may not be as visibly affectionate as dogs, they can be just as entertaining. But you will need to have the patience and energy to keep track of what they are upto. And this is exactly what happened to a family in Minnesota, USA, who caught their cat delivering a lesson in flexibility while attempting to climb to a particularly tight spot atop a shower. A video of the same was shared by the ViralHog channel on YouTube.
In it, the cat can be seen on top of the shower with one of its hind legs on the door and the rest of the body leaning on the other side. However, soon the door begins to slide open slowly, causing the cat to stretch its leg. It then finds itself doing a full split before managing to extract its foot and then clings on to the other end of the shower. The cat, who was by now hanging upside down, receives help from its human caretakers.

In the description, the owner of the feline said that the pet was quite used to getting stuck in such precarious situations. “Our cat Mochi is constantly getting himself into trouble. On a recent visit to the bathroom, he decided that scaling the shower was a good idea,” the owners from Minnesota said, “He soon learned that it was a bad idea and ended up doing the kitty splits!”

Reacting to the video, users were all praise for the cat’s grace and grit. One user by the name of Sardonicus said, “Truly a species of elegance and grace.”

Another user commented, “All the ninja training flashed back to the cat’s head,” referring to the cat’s sleek moves.

“I laughed so hard,” said another user named Jim L. Another comment praised the owner for helping the animal and not continuing to record the video for a few extra views.

Well, we have to admit that Mochi’s flexibility has impressed us no end. We hope he was treated to his favourite snack given all the exercise he put himself through.